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© victor m maldonado


This is a screen shot of Aperture 1.5 in Full Screen mode. You can see the floating Adjustments HUD on the right, with Aperture you can place the semi-transparent HUDs any where you want & choose your edits. Keyboard hot keys for this type of layout — F for Full Screen editing & H to bring up the Adjustments HUD should you want to see the hotspots Shift-Option-H.

The screen shot was taken from an Apple 30-inch Cinema HD Display (nice & big).

The shot is from a storm that hit the Pacific Coast in the Winter of 2005-2006.

It's really nice working on images using Aperture. My first inclination is to compare Aperture's file browsing capabilities to Photoshop's File Browser but it would not be a fair comparison since the speed & metadata strengths of Aperture are a quantum leap over Photoshop's File Browser capabilities placing Aperture in a league all it's own.

I spend seconds looking for, modifying metadata & selecting images using Aperture & spend many, many, minutes doing the same exact thing in Photoshop. Once Aperture gets into the next versions the $60,000 question will be whether photographers make Aperture the default digital darkroom application of choice. So far my guess is that it is certainly looking like it.

No pixels were harmed in the making of this photo :)

f4.5, 1/2500, 255mm (35mm) Nikon lens & a Nikon D70, ISO 400

— victor m maldonado