siobhan in bathing suit on river bank


cynthia in bathing suit splashing in waves


ira levi singing at the sound factory san francisco

ira levi

rocker noush skaugen on lead guitar singing

noush skaugen

director of photography | capturing timeless works of art


I pretty much ran the gamut in the fashion industry as a fashion model of many years for clothing manufacturers, ramp-modeling agencies, magazines, movie posters, escort services. I then concentrated my energies in the high fashion industry & with actresses working as a photographer & new talent scout for several agencies most notably IT Models of Victoria's Secret fame, based in Los Angeles, Milan and New York. Today, I'm still in the mix, making reels (promotional content) for high fashion models, actresses & new talent. The female figure is intoxicating to me & I embrace it in all its facets.


I am hardwired for music, it is interwoven into every fiber of my body, therefore I look forward to working with my music clients, they are by far my favorite clients. Since the seventies I began shooting music events by sneaking in a camera and then begin to improve upon taking shots at very low light levels without a tripod. Well, those days are long gone and now I enjoy the privilege of not only not having to pay to enjoy the music events but I can drag my tripod in tow to cope with the low light levels. Through the years my clients have changed as much as the style of music has changed in the last decades. I attempt to capture what I am feeling and seeing of the experience. Dedicated to the memory of my friend, mentor & partner, Marcus "Mark the Lark" Dickerson

Dedicated to the memory of a friend, soul brother & mentor
Marcus "Mark the Lark" Dickerson

marcus "mark the lark" dickerson