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photography, cinematography, film editing
color grading & stylizing, digital & organic darkroom, atmospheric sound design, original soundtracks, audio engineering & remixing, image & motion picture restoration, global distribution of digital media & information, dvd production & distribution, motion & static graphics.
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it is that time of year, screenings getting ready for the oscars & golden globe awards. personal favorite christian bale in 'vice' best actor category

2016-2019 collaborative projects with muse tarah paige

2016-2019 television comedy "freedom news channel" don't judge me it's a living! :P

usc, the legal ramifications of making documentaries, law department presentation of "The Real Gidget" George Lucas Theater

2013 santa barbara international film festival on apple's fcpx :)

2012 — screening of The Real Gidget documentary, warner theater

fcpx presentation, samy's camera, santa barbara international film festival feb 4th 2012

fcpx presentation, digital cinema society jan 2012

thank you to michael horton & the movie making community!
los angeles final cut pro user's group (november 16th)

Apple Inc

Wounded Warrior Battalion West - ETIAM IN PUGNA! (Still in the Fight!)

Wounded Warrior Career Foundation




Ramon Ramon — "Blow by Blow" san diego radio

Apple Inc

Televisa Global Entertainment & Information


NAB2008 — Supermeet presentation Wounded Warrior Careers project

Apple Inc — Pro Photo Expo Feb 2008
First public presentation of Aperture v2 "Test Drive!"

Digital Production Buzz — Interviewed regarding Wounded Warrior Careers

Wounded Warrior Careers — Final Cut Pro 6 instructor, film editing, color, sound & movie making theory, Apple Pro Applications.
Last day of classes - March 19, 2008
Graduation - March 20, 2008

Televisa — Global Entertainment & Information

UCLA — FCP 6 Instructor, film editing & movie making theory

Photography — DV Magazine, September Issue

Cinematography & photography — for Frank Jonen's Trans-Atlantic project of Noush Skaugen, Nominated for 3 LAMA (Los Angeles Music Awards), Best Alternative Song, Best Female Singer/Songwriter, Best Live Performance. "Live at the Palmer Room," Hollywood & "Live at the XFest," Modesto, California

Cinematography & photography — LAFCPUG 2007_06 Special guests, Apple, Inc., Steve Martin (RippleTraining), Larry Jordan ( Thank you, Michael Horton!

Apple Pro Training (Instructor) — Aperture T3 in Manhattan, NY

Photography — LAFCPUG 2007_04 "Supermeet" NAB special guests Apple Inc., FCP Studio 2 "Editing Unleashed" & Walter Murch "Youth Without Youth" out fall 2007. Thank you, Michael Horton!

Apple Pro Training (Classroom Proctor) — NAB 2007 (National Association of Broadcasters). Introducing FCP Studio 2 "Editing Unleashed," Color, Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, DVD Studio Pro 4 for Apple Inc

Apple Pro Training (Classroom Proctor) — Aperture at WPPI 2007

Film Editing — 4 shorts for Lifespring

Apple Pro Trainer (Classroom Proctor) — PMA 2007 (Photo Marketing Association) International Convention global education. Proctor for Apple Inc's Joe Schorr, Aperture Senior Product Manager

Apple Pro Trainer — Remix demonstration artist/instructor (on the Mothership — Apple Inc, Cupertino)

LAFCPUG 2007_02 — Cinematography & photography of film editing gurus, Andrew Balis, KD Gulko, Kevin Monahan, Christine Steele & of John Putch "Mojave Phone Booth" & Jodi Eldred "NCIS." Thank you, Michael Horton!

Apple Pro Trainer — project trainer for Apple Inc's Remix project, examining the creative workflow & Remix to deliver media rich content via podcast, dvd, video, audio, television, print, internet — by Apple Inc

LAFCPUG 2007_01 — Cinematography & photography of film editing gurus, Andrew Balis, KD Gulko, Kevin Monahan, Christine Steele & of David Fincher's digital editing crew "Zodiac" movie & Sean Cullen Associate editor with Walter Murch — Francis Coppola's "Youth Without Youth" for January 2007 MacWorld & Hollywood LAFCPUG Thank you, Michael Horton!

Cinematography — The Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story trailer. I shot all the footage at Sony Picture Studios — formally Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "MGM" (one of the most prominent studios in Hollywood history)

To view Press Release "Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story" I've been working on this project off & on for the past 4 years shooting some of it's scenes & was also a technical consultant to Mr. Brian Gillogly. Premiered October 2006 at the Malibu Film Festival

Apple Pro Trainer — Aperture Test Drive demonstration artist in Chicago at Calumet Photo

Apple Pro Trainer — Final Cut Studio Proctor & Instructor — Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4 for the 60th Annual UFVA Conference Marion Knott Studios, Chapman University

Apple Pro Trainer — Cinematography, Final Cut Pro 2006, for Simplemente (México City, Federal District)

LAFCPUG — Cinematography & photography of Apple's FCP Progect Manager Steve Bayes, RED digital camera, Apple's Keith Hatounian for May 2006 LAFCPUG

Apple Pro Trainer — Aperture Proctor at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, in Las Vegas 2006, for Apple Computers

Apple Pro Trainer — Apple Final Cut Pro & Panasonic P2/HVX200 demonstration artist featuring High Definition 1080i/720p P2 workflow using Final Cut Pro — at The National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, NAB 2006, for Panasonic Broadcast

As some of you might know I have been involved in an ongoing project to instruct wounded warriors in the art of film making.
These are a few students I recommend who have completed the course in script writing, cinematography, photography & editing on final cut pro, please call for references.


Cinematography & photography of Dede Allen (Bonnie & Clyde, The Husterler, Dog Day Afternoon, The Breakfast Club, Serpico, Against All Odds, Reds,...) for April 2006 LAFCPUG

Photography — The RED camera for Korean magazine

Instructor for Moviola, Hollywood — Aperture, photography, Final Cut Pro 5.x, film editing & Photoshop

LAFCPUG — Cinematography & photography of Walter Murch (The Rain People, Apocalypse Now, The English Patient, Touch of Evil, American Graffiti, Cold mountain, Jar Head,...) February 2006 Walter Murch DVD for LAFCPUG — cinematography & photography

LUXOR Las Vegas Resort Hotel & Casino — two commercials, film editing for lobby, outside theater, guest rooms & various uses playing now on the Las Vegas Strip — Las Vegas Boulevard

Larry Jordan — photography for Final Cut Pro Guru — Larry Jordan's Final Cut Pro Inaugural Supercharge Tour

Carrot Top — principle editor, film editing, cinematography, graphics, motion graphics, animation, original score, audio mixing & effects, mastering, for self promotion

The Red Car Project — commissioned period art posters from 1920s–1940s see it now on The Red Car in the Port of Los Angeles near the Cruise Line Terminal, Vincent Thomas Bridge

The Cheepskates — film restoration, multicam editing, dvd authoring, mastering

Gary Propper Entertainment – photography, dvd authoring, film editing

Gidget — documentary, cinematography

Rigel Entertainment – documentary, film editing, color correction, film restoration, sound track score, mixing

"The Cinderella Man - The Real Jim Braddock Story" — 4.8 stars from the New York Times! documentary, principle editor, film restoration, sound track, animation , color grading.

Deep — photography, cinematography

Leftpeak — film editing, cinematography

Tarah Paige — everything and more — You're the Best! :)

Digital Production Buzz with Phillip Hodgetts — live world wide internet radio interview available now on iPodcast!

Heather — cinematography, dvd authoring, photography, film editing

Sister Gray — principle editor, sound restoration, documentary, original score

Rick Glawson "Daddy Sign Gold" — film restoration, film editing, sound restoration

Planet Charlie — principle editor, film editing, motion graphics, sound track, dvd authoring

Carrot Top — principle editor, film editing, animation, cinematography, graphics, motion graphics, original score, audio mixing & effects, mastering, dvd authoring, for self promotion

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino — principle editor, various commercials for lobbies, guest rooms, casinos, gift stores, outside theater, film editing, dvd authoring, mastering, sound track, cinematography

Leftpeak — film editing, mastering, music, cinematography, photography

Gary Propper Entertainment — The Adventures of Tarah & Katie television pilot, photography, cinematography, dvd authoring

Deep — photography, cinematography

Bootlegged Church Musique — live recording, live mixing, CD authoring, audio mixing, static graphics