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september 2022
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current projects:

concept projects & development
designing, coding & building presentations utilizing EXIF data
hebrew, aramaic, greek documents of antiquity
as they relate to present day prophets & modern scientific disciplines
designed by Creator

The Pasture/La Pradera

2003-2022 collaborative works of art with muse — tarah paige
2021 post-production 'Spirit' teachings-songs-words from Creator to planet earth
bootlegged church musique
2021 award season has begun during the sequester — screenings in full tilt mode
2020 award season has begun — screenings
july 2019 consultant & cinematography credit — 'accidental icon: the real gidget story' — leftpeak pictures — kathy korner, salley fields, james darren, laemmle fine arts theater beverly hills
july 2019 screening 'gidget' with james darren, sandra dee (in spirit) — 'gidget' — columbia/sony pictures — laemmle fine arts theater beverly hills
2018-2019 award season screenings pre-oscars, pre-golden globes with the following
dolby laboratories
annapurna pictures
roma (with academy award nominee for sound mixing - skip lievsay, sound mixers craig henighan & editor adam gough)
the balled of buster scruggs (with academy award nominee for costume design - designer mary zophres)
vice - annapurna pictures (with editor hank corwin, ace)
2016-2019 principle editor, animator, media management, storyboarding 'animatic' pilot for television comedy "Freedom News Channel" hey! don't judge me i'm trying to pay the bills here! ;P
cinematography credit — lecture at university of southern california, 'legal ramifications of documentaries' hosted by usc legal department the making of
"The Real Gidget" George Lucas Theater
cinematography credit — 2013 santa barbara international film festival on apple's fcpx :)
cinematography credit — 2012 — screening of The Real Gidget documentary, warner theater
apple fcpx presentator — samy's camera, santa barbara international film festival feb 4th 2012
apple fcpx presentator — digital cimema society jan 2012
super big thank you to michael horton & the movie making community!
los angeles final cut pro user's group (november 16th)
Apple Inc
professor — Wounded Warrior Battalion West - ETIAM IN PUGNA! (Still in the Fight!)
professor — Wounded Warrior Career Foundation
professor — USC, consultant, transitioning from avid to final cut pro, for film & news department
Ramon Ramon — "Blow by Blow" san diego radio
black ops — Apple Inc
consultant — Televisa Global Entertainment & Information
professor — UCLA

previous credits:

NAB2008 — Supermeet presentation Wounded Warrior Careers project
Apple Inc — Pro Photo Expo Feb 2008
First public presentation of Aperture v2 "Test Drive!"
Digital Production Buzz — Interviewed regarding Wounded Warrior Careers
Wounded Warrior Careers — Final Cut Pro 6 instructor, film editing, color, sound & movie making theory, Apple Pro Applications.
Last day of classes - March 19, 2008
Graduation - March 20, 2008
Televisa — Global Entertainment & Information
UCLA — FCP 6 Instructor, film editing & movie making theory
Photography — DV Magazine, September Issue
Cinematography & photography — for Frank Jonen's Trans-Atlantic project of Noush Skaugen, Nominated for 3 LAMA (Los Angeles Music Awards), Best Alternative Song, Best Female Singer/Songwriter, Best Live Performance. "Live at the Palmer Room," Hollywood & "Live at the XFest," Modesto, California
Cinematography & photography — LAFCPUG 2007_06 Special guests, Apple, Inc., Steve Martin (RippleTraining), Larry Jordan ( Thank you, Michael Horton!
Apple Pro Training (Instructor) — Aperture T3 in Manhattan, NY
Photography — LAFCPUG 2007_04 "Supermeet" NAB special guests Apple Inc., FCP Studio 2 "Editing Unleashed" & Walter Murch "Youth Without Youth" out fall 2007. Thank you, Michael Horton!
Apple Pro Training (Classroom Proctor) — NAB 2007 (National Association of Broadcasters). Introducing FCP Studio 2 "Editing Unleashed," Color, Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, DVD Studio Pro 4 for Apple Inc
Apple Pro Training (Classroom Proctor) — Aperture at WPPI 2007
Film Editing — 4 shorts for Lifespring
Apple Pro Trainer (Classroom Proctor) — PMA 2007 (Photo Marketing Association) International Convention global education. Proctor for Apple Inc's Joe Schorr, Aperture Senior Product Manager
Apple Pro Trainer — Remix demonstration artist/instructor (on the Mothership — Apple Inc, Cupertino)
LAFCPUG 2007_02 — Cinematography & photography of film editing gurus, Andrew Balis, KD Gulko, Kevin Monahan, Christine Steele & of John Putch "Mojave Phone Booth" & Jodi Eldred "NCIS." Thank you, Michael Horton!
Apple Pro Trainer — project trainer for Apple Inc's Remix project, examining the creative workflow & Remix to deliver media rich content via podcast, dvd, video, audio, television, print, internet — by Apple Inc
LAFCPUG 2007_01 — Cinematography & photography of film editing gurus, Andrew Balis, KD Gulko, Kevin Monahan, Christine Steele & of David Fincher's digital editing crew "Zodiac" movie & Sean Cullen Associate editor with Walter Murch — Francis Coppola's "Youth Without Youth" for January 2007 MacWorld & Hollywood LAFCPUG Thank you, Michael Horton!
Cinematography — The Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story trailer. I shot all the footage at Sony Picture Studios — formally Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "MGM" (one of the most prominent studios in Hollywood history)
To view Press Release "Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story" I've been working on this project off & on for the past 4 years shooting some of it's scenes & was also a technical consultant to Mr. Brian Gillogly. Premiered October 2006 at the Malibu Film Festival
Apple Pro Trainer — Aperture Test Drive demonstration artist in Chicago at Calumet Photo
Apple Pro Trainer — Final Cut Studio Proctor & Instructor — Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4 for the 60th Annual UFVA Conference Marion Knott Studios, Chapman University
Apple Pro Trainer — Cinematography, Final Cut Pro 2006, for Simplemente (México City, Federal District)
LAFCPUG — Cinematography & photography of Apple's FCP Progect Manager Steve Bayes, RED digital camera, Apple's Keith Hatounian for May 2006 LAFCPUG
Apple Pro Trainer — Aperture Proctor at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, in Las Vegas 2006, for Apple Computers
Apple Pro Trainer — Apple Final Cut Pro & Panasonic P2/HVX200 demonstration artist featuring High Definition 1080i/720p P2 workflow using Final Cut Pro — at The National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, NAB 2006, for Panasonic Broadcast
As some of you might know I have been involved in an ongoing project to instruct wounded warriors in the art of film making.
These are a few students I recommend who have completed the course in script writing, cinematography, photography & editing on final cut pro, please call for references.
Cinematography & photography of Dede Allen (Bonnie & Clyde, The Husterler, Dog Day Afternoon, The Breakfast Club, Serpico, Against All Odds, Reds,...) for April 2006 LAFCPUG
Photography — The RED camera for Korean magazine
Instructor for Moviola, Hollywood — Aperture, photography, Final Cut Pro 5.x, film editing & Photoshop
LAFCPUG — Cinematography & photography of Walter Murch (The Rain People, Apocalypse Now, The English Patient, Touch of Evil, American Graffiti, Cold mountain, Jar Head,...) February 2006 Walter Murch DVD for LAFCPUG — cinematography & photography
LUXOR Las Vegas Resort Hotel & Casino — two commercials, film editing for lobby, outside theater, guest rooms & various uses playing now on the Las Vegas Strip — Las Vegas Boulevard
Larry Jordan — photography for Final Cut Pro Guru — Larry Jordan's Final Cut Pro Inaugural Supercharge Tour
Carrot Top — principle editor, film editing, cinematography, graphics, motion graphics, animation, original score, audio mixing & effects, mastering, for self promotion
The Red Car Project — commissioned period art posters from 1920s–1940s see it now on The Red Car in the Port of Los Angeles near the Cruise Line Terminal, Vincent Thomas Bridge
The Cheepskates — film restoration, multicam editing, dvd authoring, mastering
Gidget — documentary, cinematography
Rigel Entertainment – documentary, film editing, color correction, film restoration, sound track score, mixing
&lquo;The Cinderella Man - The Real Jim Braddock Story&rquo; — 4.8 stars from the New York Times! documentary, principle editor, film restoration, sound track, animation , color grading.
Deep — photography, cinematography
Leftpeak — film editing, cinematography
Tarah Paige — everything and more — You're the Best! :)
Digital Production Buzz with Phillip Hodgetts — live world wide internet radio interview available now on iPodcast!
Heather — cinematography, dvd authoring, photography, film editing
Sister Gray — principle editor, sound restoration, documentary, original score
Rick Glawson "Daddy Sign Gold" — film restoration, film editing, sound restoration
Planet Charlie — principle editor, film editing, motion graphics, sound track, dvd authoring
Carrot Top — principle editor, film editing, animation, cinematography, graphics, motion graphics, original score, audio mixing & effects, mastering, dvd authoring, for self promotion
MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino — principle editor, various commercials for lobbies, guest rooms, casinos, gift stores, outside theater, film editing, dvd authoring, mastering, sound track, cinematography
Leftpeak — film editing, mastering, music, cinematography, photography
Gary Propper Entertainment — The Adventures of Tarah & Katie television pilot, photography, cinematography, dvd authoring
Deep — photography, cinematography
Bootlegged Church Musique — live recording, live mixing, CD authoring, audio mixing, static graphics


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