carrot top

american icon — carrot top

carrot top — o fortuna (small 7.39MB)

carrot top — o fortuna (medium 17.57MB)

carrot top — o fortuna (apple tv 52.62MB)


carrot top — disneyworld (small 7.43MB)

carrot top — disneyworld (medium 17.60MB)

carrot top — disneyworld (apple tv 51.78MB)


carrot top — real me (small 3.16MB)

carrot top — real me (medium 9.25B)

carrot top — real me (apple tv 26.00MB)

for a few years i edited all of carrot top's promotional videos & did the cinematography for them. these videos can still be seen on the las vegas strip, nevada & in casinos & resorts. i am very proud of them, these videos helped me hone my editing skills, thank you, scotty! — victor m maldonado