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We're in Pasadena, California, & from the turnout at ProPhoto Expo 2008, it seemed like not even the rain could keep away professional & amateur photographers alike from taking Aperture 2 for a test drive. With over 100 new features & Leopard's new RAW processing engine, Aperture 2 was greeted with great enthusiasm!  

Armed with gaff tape, a borrowed Nikon D300, tripods, projector & twelve 17" MacBook Pros, new hire Jon Dessert (Apple Account Executive, Southern California) — welcome to starship Aperture, Jon! – along with Aperture Master Trainer Jeffery Morse (Producer/Editor, Final Cut Pro Master Trainer) & yours truly (Aperture Master Trainer), rolled out the first public presentation of Aperture version 2.

As the first day progressed I thought to myself, "You know the migration has officially begun to Aperture 2 when not only are the classroom seats filling up fast but one of those seats was about to be warmed by a world renowned photographer & long-time Adobe devote <cough>Vincent Versace</cough>, who comes to the Apple classroom & asks to receive a crash course in Aperture... Sure, have a seat!" He sat in for the two sessions & stuck around for q&a. He couldn't stop raving about Aperture 2! Don't worry, Vincent, your secret is safe with us... ;)

A big thumbs up & thanks goes to the Aperture 2 team up on the Mothership for a terrific upgrade! A special warm & affectionate thanks to Apple's Jessica Steigerwald for putting the roll-out together!

So, some of you must be wondering what were the hot features of the weekend that we heard coming from Apple's Aperture 2 classroom? Well, sit back & click through the photos below...

— victor m maldonado :)

photos by: jeffery morse & victor m maldonado