High above the beautiful city of Manhattan at Apple Inc. New York, a group of international pro photographers is gathered together for three days to eat, drink, dream, think & talk about everything Aperture.

          Some are educators at universities, others are authors, from National Geographic & all experts in the field of photography. Apple Inc. should feel proud to get this group into the talent pool of Apple Certified Pro Trainers.

          Here is a peek at some of this talent:
          steve simon (heroines & heroes) :
          cotton coulson:

          sandro v. cuccia:

          Please join me in welcoming the new Aperture Pro Trainers to the group, we expect great things from you!  

          A big thanks goes out to Anne Renehan, Pro Apps Training Program Manager, whose help was invaluable, especially at the end during the examinations. Thank you, Anne! :)

          Lastly, I would like to thank Paul Suh, http://www.ps-enable.com for taking me under his wings & showing me around Apple Inc. New York (read: making sure I didn't break anything). Thanks Paul, this was very kind of you! :)

          So now, please sit back, relax & enjoy the following photographs & drivel from an adventure to the Right Coast for Aperture Pro Training Manhattan Style...

          — victor :)