Not far from infamous Area 51 inside a top secret hanger lies the secret to the upcoming & long-awaited announcement introducing the new line of yottahertz multi-core eyelid implant processors, code named...meh, oops, so sorry, my mistake, not supposed to mention this. :P Allow me to start over.

Not far from infamous Area 51 inside a large Las Vegas Convention Center room filled with brand new shiny computers provided by Apple Inc. what a rare treat it was for a group of professional photographers (& a treat for me too!) who woke up early to have an up close & personal presentation of Aperture by none other than Apple's Aperture Project Manager — Joe Schorr! What I like about Joe is that he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, whether he's being active in the forums (a brave feat indeed since one never knows whether the forum natives will be friendly or not!) or teaching & answering questions from a room full of photographers about the application he heads.

On March 7th, in Las Vegas, Nevada at PMA 2007 (Photo Marketing Association International Convention), Apple's Garrett Rice (Group Product Manager, Aperture Professional Applications) & I had the pleasure to proctor for Joe Schorr at a PMA Global Education presentation of Aperture.

Please sit back, click on a photo below & enjoy an Apple Pro Trainer's trip to PMA 2007 via crop-circles, snow-capped mountains, airport security lines, etc...

— victor m maldonado :)