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This summer in the month of  July during a break from all of the brush fires that we were experiencing here in Southern California I received a call from The Mothership — It was Apple's much loved Patty Montesion, "How would you like to help proctor at Chapman College this August?" — trying to hold in my excitement all the while thinking to myself you don't have to ask me twice! — "Sheeya, Patty!" So, off I went to Chapman College to the new Marion Knott Studios located in Orange, California.

Apple Pro Trainers — Steve Martin-from Ripple Training, Avid Guru & newly converted FCP Pro Trainer from Migrant Editors & Pixel Magic-Nate "Nate Dog" Hubbard btw welcome to the gang, Nate! & I assisted Apple's Ann Forst, Jay Matheson & Bill Hanson showcase a few of the Final Cut Studio Pro Apps, like Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro & Final Cut Pro's Multicam Editing.

Once there & by the way things looked buzzing about that week in & around Marion Knott Studios I can say with certainty that they will be giving the Hollywood crew just West of them a run for their money & will be a force to be reckon with in the very near future.

Please enjoy the following report & images from our trip to the UFVA Conference at the very new Marion Knotts Studios

— victor m maldonado :)